Walmart Will Provide A Free Basic Package As Part Of An Upgrade To Its Data Monetization Platform


In 2023, roughly a year after launching Walmart Luminate, a data monetization platform for merchants and suppliers, Walmart has stated that it plans to expand its subscription-based product lineup and expects to provide a free basic package for suppliers.

In a press release, Walmart stated that “digital product transact ability” is one data set that it has added to its roadmap for Charter subscribers for the upcoming fiscal year. This data set will give users insights into the products they add to their carts and purchase via grocery pick-up and delivery.

The soon-to-be-released Basic package, which will be free to suppliers, will contain a variety of Channel Performance insights, including typical operational indicators, pre-set downloadable reports, and a breakdown of retail and eCommerce sales, according to the press announcement.

The company also stated that during its first 11 months of operation, Walmart Luminate saw growth in its customer base, an 80% quarter-over-quarter gain in revenue, and the ability to service customers of various shapes and sizes.

Shared access to Walmart Luminate with our suppliers has changed the game, says John Laney, senior vice president, and general merchandise manager of the center of store food department at Walmart.