Leta Raises $3 Million For An African Supply Chain Optimization Platform


Leta, a Kenyan supply chain and logistics software firm, announced the completion of a $3 million pre-seed financing round in a press statement issued on Wednesday.

4Di Capital, Chandaria Capital, Chui Ventures, PANI, Samurai Incubate, and Verdant Frontiers Fintech are among the investors in the round.

Leta, which was founded in 2021, employs route and load optimization technologies to improve African supply chains.

Other platform features include fuel and distance tracking, which allows for greater analytics and supervision. The program may also be integrated with warehouse management, corporate resource planning, and point-of-sale systems such as SAGE, SAP, and Shopify, according to the company.

Leta also stated that it has optimized over 500,000 deliveries in five countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Zambia. According to the announcement, this translates to approximately 20,000 tons of products transported using over 2000 cars.

“We are proud to be building Africa’s backend of supply chain and logistics, saving our customers 20%-30% on their logistics costs,” Leta founder and CEO Nick Joshi said.

“The supply chain and logistics industry in Africa, like that of the United States and Europe, is highly fragmented and inefficient.”

However, supply chain and logistics expenses in Africa are often 60-70% higher, which is subsequently passed on to the end consumer,” he said. “With Leta, we intend to provide a sturdy and simple solution for transporting things in a far more efficient manner.”

Leta collaborates with businesses that deliver food and drinks, agricultural products, manufacturing, construction, medicines, and other items. Twiga Foods, Chandaria Industries, Simbisa Brands, and ShopZetu are among its clientele.

Coordination of the many units engaged in a normal supply chain may be difficult, particularly when attempting to do it in the most cost- and fuel-efficient manner.