RocketFuel Blockchain Introduces B2B Cross-Border Settlements


RocketFuel Blockchain, a provider of cryptocurrency payment solutions, announced the launch of a new B2B cross-border settlements service.

The new method will make it easier for B2B firms to settle with stablecoins. According to the announcement, this will be accomplished via a combination of digital and fiat currencies, enabling for rapid, reliable, compliant, and automated cross-border payments.

According to the press announcement, RocketFuel’s virtual currency platform accepts a variety of digital payment methods in both crypto and fiat currencies. They can be used for platforms such as metaverse or non-fungible tokens (NFT) to accept payments for in-game tokens, cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and other similar items.

“Given our freshly obtained crypto-exchange (VASP) license in Europe, RocketFuel is now ready to offer stablecoin settlements to PSPs and eCommerce merchants in a totally regulated environment.”

RocketFuel was collaborating with ACI Worldwide to enable more alternative currency payments for retailers worldwide.

ACI Worldwide is a real-time digital payments network, and as part of the agreement, ACI Secure eCommerce included RocketFuel as a mechanism for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments through a single platform with no processing costs.

Jensen stated in a news statement at the time that he believed in the potential of cryptocurrency to revolutionize things.

“As consumer usage grows and more retailers globally see the huge benefits of this payment form, cryptocurrency will change eCommerce and in-store buying,” he said.