Kohl’s Expands Kohl’s Media Network Will Increase Advertising


According to a corporate news statement issued on Thursday (July 21), Kohl’s is extending its in-house retail media agency, Kohl’s Media Network, offering partners access to a suite of omnichannel media services and widening its advertising options.

In a press release, Christie Raymond, Kohl’s interim chief marketing officer, stated, “Our goal through Kohl’s Media Network is to leverage our vast omnichannel consumer data and insights to create innovative retail media solutions for our partners that connect them directly with personalized audiences.”

Kohl’s Media Network assists the firm in generating money for its advertising partners by using its data assets, loyalty program, media buys, and sales channels. According to the corporation, it has more than 65 million consumers who visit the website 1.7 billion times every year.

On-site product advertisements, brand pages, email ads, and Kohl’s App push notifications are available, as are off-site paid social and influencer ads, off-site display ads, video, and streaming music.

Following a pilot of 20 small-format stores, Kohl’s announced plans in May to build 100 new small-format sites over the following four years, employing a 35,000-square-foot concept. A typical Kohl’s shop is around 80,000 square feet.

The Wisconsin-based department store chain claims that by shrinking its footprint, it gains the flexibility needed to enter new neighborhoods while also being able to provide a “hyper-localized experience” that reflects each community’s specific needs, such as a greater allocation of outdoor gear in markets like Tacoma, Washington.