Amazon Web Services Initiates To Make Machine Learning More Accessible


Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the 10th annual re: Invent 2021 conference announced some great initiatives and features. AWS has offered a 10 million US Dollar scholarship to make technologies like machine learning more accessible and cost-effective.

In the same vent, AWS announced six new capabilities for its machine learning service SageMaker.  It brings capabilities like a no-code environment for creating accurate machine learning predictions, more data labeling, skilled annotators, and a universal Studio notebook experience on Amazon SageMaker for better collaboration across domains.

They also announced two new initiatives for anyone interested in learning and experimenting with ML technology. The educational scholarship campaign offered by AWS aims at prepping underrepresented and under deserved students across the globe for careers in ML.

The program uses AWS DeepRacer and the new AWS DeepRacer Student league to teach students machine learning concepts by giving them hands-on experience in training models. They provide educational content centered on ML fundamentals via models for autonomous race cars. The company is further increasing access to ML through a no-cost version of Amazon SageMaker that will help customers build, train and deploy ML models.

The general manager also said that the industry needs to make it easier for everyone regardless of their skill level or resources to be able to incorporate machine learning into application and business processes. That way they will truly achieve machine learning in full potential.

They have a pioneer in helping customers with their machine learning journey to help them achieve amazing business outcomes. They want to provide training resources to help their customers to learn the best practices from Machine learning. They provide a complete set of ML and AL services for builders at each level of expertise.

The company will also offer free 80 digital training courses that cover a variety of Amazon Web Services Machine learning solutions. The content will level from foundational level topics to advanced level topics like developing machine learning applications.