YouTube Announces “Shorts” To Compete With Tik-Tok And Insta Reels


Video content creator, YouTube has announced a new feature to its platform. Shorts are very similar to TikTok videos and Instagram reels. These videos will have a time limit of 60 seconds or less, and users can edit the video or atheir requirements. These videos can be viewed in the YouTube Short video section on the platform.

Users can also edit them on the platform by various editing options provided on the platform. The feed can be accessed from the shorts icon on the bottom of the taskbar on the application. To create a “short” video on the app a user just has to tap on the plus sign at the bottom of the homepage and select and you are good to go. Many interesting features have been provided by the company to help “Short” video garner attention. Here are a few features;

  • Users can browse and pick the music for the video.
  • A multi-segment camera, that allows users to stitch multiple videos together.
  • You can use speed controls to make the videos interesting.
  • You also have a timer and countdown feature that will help users create videos hands.-free.
  • Users can also use clips of their favorite videos from YouTube to create their shorts.

YouTube shorts have already gained popularity with over 15 billion views globally daily. The global brand TheSoul Publishing has already the highest performing short video on the platform. They say that with YouTube Shorts they can try a new form of creative expression that shall help them reach their fans and continue to build their incredible global business through their YouTube channel. 

 YouTube has also launched YouTube Shorts Funds in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Algeria, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Morocco. The shorts creator fund is a way for creators and artists to monetize their shorts video content from advertising to paid digital goods, merchandise, and more. YouTube has been growing worldwide over the years and adding new features to stay updated with trends will only attract more creators to the platform.