Nipendo Broadens Access to Its Automated Invoicing Function


Nipendo, a provider of payment automation solutions, stated on Saturday (Oct. 1) that its Invoice All module is now accessible to suppliers that utilize the company’s Supplier Portal.

According to a news release, Invoice All is part of Nipendo’s cloud-based technology for automating source-to-pay processes. The module also provides suppliers visibility into invoice management procedures, and users obtain digital proof of receipt to guarantee they have a record of whether an invoice was received and read.

This eliminates “the need for tiresome follow-up,” and if something goes wrong, “the system handles it autonomously and gives status updates,” according to Nipendo.

Nipendo’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Alon Rosenberg, claims that the company’s service may save the time enterprises spend processing invoices by more than 80%.

“The platform provides automated process governance, compliance management, error capture, discrepancy resolution, and much more,” Rosenberg concluded.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts Nipendo has asserted that businesses may achieve “full source-to-pay automation” in around three months without replacing existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting systems.

According to “ERP Solutions in B2B Payments,” automation plays an increasingly essential role in invoicing and accounting processes, with two-thirds of organizations either innovating their systems or expecting to do so over the next 12 months.

11% of organizations stated they are presently inventing their AP systems, while 31% said they will begin innovating over the next six months. Furthermore, 27% stated they intend to do so in the next 12 months, with many citing the benefits.