How Retailers Turn Bargain Hunters Into Loyal Customers at the Checkout


According to a recent survey, 91% of customers feel that having a great checkout experience increases how likely they are to make another purchase from a certain merchant. The checkout process is vital for e-tailers in building customer loyalty. Businesses that don’t offer the features required for simple checkouts will fall behind.’s Building A Better Online Checkout Experience: The Key Features That Matter Most To Consumers provide the most recent data on checkout frictions threatening customer loyalty.

In “Building A Better Online Checkout Experience: The Main Elements That Matter To Customers,” a study on online shopping that reveals the perfect checkout procedure for American customers, the key features that matter to customers are detailed.

An excellent checkout experience, according to two-thirds of the customers we polled, is very or extremely important in determining whether a customer returns to an e-retailer. Only 9% of respondents stated it had little to no influence. A satisfactory checkout greatly influences customers’ propensity to purchase at a retailer again, according to almost three-quarters of the customers we classified as loyal customers based on their purchasing patterns.

Why Customers anticipate a variety of checkout features and are less happy if any are absent.

The study lists 10 critical online checkout features, such as price matching and social network sign-in, that eTailers should regard as crucial to guaranteeing client pleasure.

Customers now anticipate a number of specific elements, such as payment method selection and order confirmation, that make eCommerce checkouts go more smoothly.

During their most recent online checkout, over 76 percent of customers utilized their chosen mode of payment. Nine other features that are commonplace were used by more than half of consumers, including quick order confirmation and safe account data storage.

In order to understand the perfect eCommerce checkout experience for customers, “Building A Better Online Checkout Experience: The Key Features That Matter To Customers” investigates where and how people purchase online.