Flights On Amazon Air Are Up 3.8% Since March, The Slowest Growth Since May Of Last Year


The sluggish expansion of Amazon’s freight plane demonstrates how the eCommerce business is coping with the weak demand.

The institute’s monthly snapshots show the Amazon Air freighters had an average of 194 flights per day over the course of a week in September, an increase of 3.8% from March and the smallest rise since they began keeping track of them in May 2020. The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University is the source of the information.

Director of the Chicago-based institution Joseph Schwieterman stated in an interview that “Amazon is making big improvements.” The requirement for the corporation to expand its supply chain so quickly at the height of the epidemic “appears to have been overestimated by the company.”

Due to the excess inventory they had as business resumed as usual following the epidemic, the corporation was forced to close or scrap plans for a number of warehouses. Additionally, it reduced its staff this year by approximately 100,000 people.

Packaged goods are flown to clients via Amazon Air, which employs pilots from a small number of partner airlines. The company has recently experienced significant expansion, and at one point it considered purchasing larger long-haul aircraft to import goods from Asia.

Since the corporation’s $1.5 billion hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport expanded last year, Schwieterman claims, the company has increased its flying activity, with some nighttime flights reportedly aiming for next-day delivery.

Customers of Prime may get speedy delivery from the location. Around that time, the private airline began operating a daily freight service between Wichita and the local hub at Texas’ Fort Worth Alliance Airport.

Silver Airways, a Florida-based company with a base in Fort Lauderdale, runs the Amazon Air flights. This firm offers passenger services throughout the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and the Southwest United States.