Ap Automation Is A Top Priority For Gig Economy Businesses


The growth of the gig economy is a result of the rise of internet markets and platforms.

Since it is an internet platform, freelancers of all kinds may use it to discover methods to market their offerings, establish conditions, and get payment.

The ability to pay such freelancers promptly, in the currencies, and using the payment methods of their choice might provide businesses a competitive advantage.

Additionally, 204 executives from gig platforms were polled as part of the “Accounts Payable Automation: Why Gig Economy Companies See Payables Innovation As Key To Success” research, a partnership with Routable, to learn more about their intentions to leverage automation to increase payouts at scale, internationally.

Up to 87% of gig economy businesses anticipate that over the next three years, the number of their payables would increase by more than 10%.

But the capacity of these businesses to satisfy the payment expectations of gig workers is hampered by outdated procedures and technology in use.