Classic joins the Institute of Customer Service in its pursuit of B2B leadership

classic b2b

Classic Collection Holidays has joined the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) in its quest to become “the leader in the B2B arena.”

“Service – it is what drives all we do,” said Oliver Garner, CEO of Classic Collection Holidays and sibling business Classic Package Holidays.

“Our goal is to develop scalably and in a way that ensures we safeguard the core service,” he said. We will not forsake service in order to expand.

“That is why we joined the Institute of Customer Service, to hold ourselves accountable and ensure that we don’t fall behind as we develop.”

We believe it will also pay off since we will continue to drive up repeat rates as consumers realize what we can achieve, allowing us to expand and invest in the future.

“Do we believe we can be the market leader in B2B?” Absolutely. Across the board.”

Classic joined ICS at the beginning of 2022, according to Si Morris-Green, agency sales, and marketing director, and will poll employees and agent partners in July to learn about the company’s service approach.

“We feel our service is excellent.

How can we improve and improve our service? That is why we joined the Institute of Customer Service to provide us with a benchmark, both within and outside of our industry,” he explained.

“What other firms outside our industry are doing that is incredible and bringing those goals to Classic to deliver world-class service.”

Garner and Morris-Green agreed that throughout the epidemic, people’s expectations regarding service and holidays shifted, and the “new norm” is different.

“The expectations when individuals arrive [on vacation] will probably be polar opposites,” Garner observed.

“There are those who are content to be lying on a lounger with a pina colada in their hands, then there are those who will have higher expectations because they can’t remember what it’s like to go on vacation, so their perception of that will be re-based…in their travel experience and their relationship with who they are booking with.”

“You may have the most gleaming brand in the world Customers will vote with their feet if the evidence is not in the pudding, which is why repeat rate is so vital to any firm.”