Leading global pump manufacturer will develop a new digital B2B buying experience with Spryker


Wilo, one of the top premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management, and industrial sectors, has chosen Spryker, a leading digital commerce platform for B2B, B2C, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Unified Commerce, to create a fully digital B2B purchasing experience for their international customers. Partner diva-e will head up the end-to-end platform deployment and offer consultancy services to assist the development of the business model.

Wilo’s more than 80 manufacturing and distribution firms serve a highly fragmented industry with lengthy decision-making processes. As a result, they are well-versed in the commercial issues that come with advanced sales procedures. As a result, Wilo decided to seek a strategic partner that can take their digital commerce plan to the next level as a key component of their digital strategy.

“As a digital pioneer in the building services and water management sectors, we appreciate the value of technology in digitally enhancing business connections with our clients today and in the future,” said Holger Jentsch, Group Vice President of Sales Excellence at Wilo Group. “We meticulously researched the market to ensure we choose a platform that is extremely adaptable and scalable.” As a result, I am convinced that by naming Spryker as a strategic technology partner, we will be able to maintain our pace in reinventing the sector.”

“We are in the process of transitioning from a product supplier to a solution provider.” As a result, in addition to the worldwide B2B e-commerce platform, we will investigate further digital business models with Spryker and diva-e, such as in the context of smart water systems,” stated Alexander Knorn, Vice President of Group Marketing at Wilo Group. “This will enable us to follow our sustainability plan and provide clean water to an extra 100 million people by 2025.”

“We see Wilo as a digital pioneer and a leader in the pump business.” The rationale for this is their desire to address the underlying principles of networked computing and, as a result, more resource-efficient energy utilization. This will have an influence on the whole private and working world, and we are delighted to be a part of this forward-thinking,” stated Sirko Schneppe, Diva-Founder, and CCO. “As a result, Wilo’s development focus is turning to new business models and additional service offerings that are represented in the digital realm.” diva-e is well-positioned to assist Wilo with our end-to-end digital expertise in the B2B arena, and we are a long-standing member of the Open Industry Alliance to meet our clients’ IoT needs.

“I was amazed by the Wilo team’s drive and enthusiasm for elevating the bar for their whole industry from the time I met them,” stated Edmund Frey, CRO at Spryker. “Wilo and Spryker are both customer-centric, recognize the value of smart new business models, and promote sustainability.” “I am delighted to announce this strategic alliance, through which we will assist Wilo’s commercial and environmental aims, as well as their expanding worldwide client base.”