To Expand Its Digital Health Platform, Patient21 Raises $108 Million


Patient21, a German digital health startup, is expanding into new countries after receiving $108 million.

On Monday, May 22, the company announced the specifics of its Series C funding round, claiming that the funds will be used to grow into new European markets and build up its software platform.

Patient21, a 2019 company, combines traditional healthcare with digital services such as booking, check-in, and insurance.

Muhr believes that thorough diagnosis and treatment in dentistry need in-person appointments.

The nature of dentistry necessitates visual assessment of oral health, the use of diagnostic tools such as x-rays, and rapid reaction to emergencies. Consultations in person are the most effective approach to handle these concerns and ensure the highest levels of service.

He mentioned that the company is looking into methods to include telehealth into its offering as it expands.

According to the report, 39% of Generation X customers, 63% of millennials, and 56% of bridge millennials use a combination of in-person and online healthcare choices, “demonstrating that omnichannel healthcare is now a near-universal phenomenon in the United States.”

Currently, 119 million patients, or 46% of all consumers in the United States, communicate with their healthcare providers via a combination of patient portals, telehealth appointments, apps, and in-person visits. Furthermore, the proportion of “omnichannel patients” is increasing month after month.