What Do You Mean By Account-based Marketing?


A marketing strategy that permits marketers to focus on and have interaction with a focused set of the audience by using personalized campaigns. By strategically targeting accounts, marketing and sales teams got to work together to agree on targets and make account-specific messaging.

Hello B2B marketers,

Have you noticed that account-based marketing (also known as Key Account Marketing ) in the last couple of years has started getting a lot of attraction and it’s started to get a lot of popularity? This is something specific for B2B marketers if you’re selling anything online to general consumers. The most important thing to understand is a marketing strategy or an approach. Going after the actual account is what ABM is.

ABM is fundamentally different from traditional b2b marketing. The difference is, ABM is pretty much focused and traditional is broad So, in easy terms – Account-based marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on targeting marketing communications at an account level instead of using traditional b2b tactics that tend to be broad, marketers are using account-based marketing on LinkedIn to generate leads & drive more sales.

Okay, so for example- if you want to target a finance company or construction company, you’d make relevant emails & messaging to these companies and people. You can get more specific with the targeting in terms of company size and the people you’d want to target.

You can get even more personalized. Hence, ABM is more effective than the traditional b2b approach.

Now you know, what’d you want to adopt? A lengthy, old-school-traditional method or the effective, targeted ABM approach.